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Shirley Stewart has type 2 diabetes, United States

Annual report 2020

Performance highlights

To reflect the broad aspects of Novo Nordisk across therapy areas and geographies, Novo Nordisk introduced in 2019 a comprehensive approach describing the future growth aspirations of the company under the headline Strategic Aspirations 2025. 

The strategic aspirations are objectives that Novo Nordisk intends to work towards and are not a projection of Novo Nordisk's financial outlook or expected growth.

2025 strategic aspirations

  • Being respected for adding value to society
  • Progress towards zero environmental impact
  • Ensure distinct core capabilities and evolve culture

2020 highlights 

Adding value to society:

  • Launch of new social responsibility strategy, Defeat Diabetes
  • Expansion of US affordability offerings
  • Societal contributions during COVID-19 pandemi
  • Lowered ceiling price of human insulin in 76 countries


  • 100% renewable power across all production sites
  • Launch of supplier target aiming at 100% renewable power by 2030
Ensure distinct capabilities and evolve culture
  • Progress on diversity and inclusion agenda, acceleration of agility mindset and digitalisation capabilities

2025 strategic aspirations

  • Further raise the innovation bar for diabetes treatment
  • Develop a leading portfolio of superior treatment solutions for obesity
  • Strengthen and progress the Biopharm pipeline
  • Establish presence in other serious chronic diseases focusing on cardiovascular disease (CVD), NASH and chronic kidney disease (CKD)

2020 highlights


  • Semaglutide 2.0 mg phase 3b trial successfully completed
  • Once-weekly insulin icodec phase 3 trial programme initiated 
  • Rybelsus® approved in the EU, the UK and Japan
  • Applications for sema 2.4 mg submitted to FDA and EMA
  • AM833 + sema 2.4 mg phase 1 trial successfully completed


  • Mim8 phase 1/2 trial initiated

Other serious chronic disease:

  • Successful completion of phase 2 trials for zilti and sema in NASH

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2025 strategic aspirations

  • Strengthen diabetes leadership – aim at global value market share of more than 1/3
  • Strengthen obesity leadership and double 2019 reported sales
  • Secure a sustained growth outlook for Biopharm

2020 highlights

Diabetes sales increased by 8% at CER

  • Value market share leadership expanded by 0.7 percentage points to 29.3%

Obesity sales increased by 3% at CER to  DKK 5.6 billion

Biopharm sales increased by 1% at CER to  DKK 18.9 billion

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2025 strategic aspirations

  • Deliver solid sales and operating profit growth:
    • Deliver 6–10% sales growth in IO
    • Transform 70% of sales in the USA (from 2015 to 2022)
  • Drive operational efficiencies across the value chain to enable investments in future growth assets
  • Deliver free cash flow to enable attractive capital allocation to shareholders
2020 highlights

Operating profit increased by 7% 
at CER to DKK 54.1 billion

Sales increased by 7% at CER, to DKK 126.9 billion

  • 10% sales growth in IO 
  • 3% sales growth in NAO, with 48% of US sales transformed to products launched since 2015

Free cash flow of DKK 28.6 billion and DKK 37 billion returned to shareholders

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Financials highlighst

Performance highlights


DKK million in net sales 


DKK million in operating profit 


DKK million in net profit 


DKK million in free cash flow